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At the heart of the Central Pyrenees, south of the Haute-Garonne, the township of Aspet invites you to discover a wonderful landscape shaped by the mountain, water and forest. A variety of rare and remarkable landscapes, suitable for escapism.  Close to the Spanish Aran Valley, one hour drive from Toulouse, this natural setting also known as “The Land of the Three Valleys” is chiseled by three streams: the Arbas, the Ger and the Job.

The mountain peak named Cagire “local figure” and the mountain range Paloumère emphasize the Pyrenean identity of the country and delight the paragliders, hikers and mountain bikers on many marked trails. The Col de Portet of Aspet is well known to fans of the Tour de France; at the foot of the pass, a stone pays tribute to cyclist Fabio Casartelli. The area boasts some 300 km of mountain bike trails for all levels and over 200 km of large and small hiking routes.

Cave explorers are delighted to find a known network on a European scale. The ‘Felix Trombe’ is one of the largest on the continent. Only half hour from Aspet, you can race down the ski slopes at the station of Mourtis and practice cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. 

The presence of flora and exceptional fauna enrich the attractions of this mountain area. This is notably the place where the bear was reintroduced.

Human activity has left visible signs on the landscape. Ancient baths, vestiges of feudal castles and old country churches bear witness to the history of the country.

The Pyrenean Piedmont Way to Saint Jacques de Compostela runs through several of the 21 villages in the township.

Fairs and markets punctuate the animation of a local community whose amenities are both festive (village festivals and local traditions), cultural (festivals, shows, exhibitions), and sports (mountain races, trails, hiking).