Nathalie Hanriot Le Bivouac


Who am I?

My circle of acquaintances says that I spend my time ” hung onin the air “. And it’s true!!! Either in the forest, or on cliffs.

This “air” passion comes to me since my youngest age.

Having taken my certificate of state, I devote for several years to the supervision of groups with a quite particular affection for the children and the teenagers, always amazed to discover this air world.

For my biggest happiness, I adore sharing these moments of ” SPORTS AND PLAYFUL DISCOVERIES ” in the massif of Pyrenees where I livein the village of Sengouagnet, a few kilometers away from Aspet.


The activities which I propose:

Initiation or improvement from 6 years, individual or group
· Initiation into the treetop adventure park: 1/2 a day
· Climb: 1/2 a day or a day
· Travel adventure suspended in forest: 1/2 a day or a day

Welcome and starting point: Sengouagnet, in 3km of Aspet


My small prices

Activities to Sengouagnet in the journée: 15 € / person

Activities to Sengouagnet in the day: 25 € / person

On-site activities natural in the day: 30 € / person (travel in minibus sup)


Failed groups or families
The services include the supervision and the Equipment
Picnics and not included snacks