Mountain culture


This mountain range is teaming with natural treasures for you to discover. This wild country is home to bears, vultures, desmans and chamois, or endemic flora species like the lily of the Pyrenees.  Equidistant from the Mediterranean and the ocean, our mountainous region has unusual natural and cultural aspects.

 Our spirit We offer a real environmental and cultural approach to the mountain and its heritage, in a broad sense, thanks to our passionate guides.

 Our objective To make you fall in love with the Pyrenees by approaching the mountains with a curious look and educate about their wealth, their diversity and surprising originality. 

Where? Our field of action is in the Central Pyrenees, the bear reintroduction area in the mountains. Boasting a rich natural and cultural heritage, this territory is a true treasure island: flora and fauna you won’t see anywhere else, specific culture, quirky know-how… To know more about it, you only need to follow the footsteps of our professionals in the field, to forge your experience and above all to share your emotions. Taste our various mountain activities. The best welcome awaits you! 

Marc Chatonnay invites you to: Aquatic hiking on the river, discovering the fauna and flora on an adventure playground accessible to everyone. Summer fun activities or winter snowshoeing to discover the Pyrenees off the beaten track! With the ‘pulk’ (sled Explorer), immerse yourself in this magical atmosphere.Spoken languages: English and Spanish. 

Tourism and handicap Marc pays particular attention to the visually impaired and organizes nature activities and mountain trips to their attention on the themes of wildlife, landscape and snow with specialized educational tools.