les dessous du labyrinthe



“Les dessous du labyrinthe”

“Les dessous du labyrinthe”

This event, artistic, cultural and tourist, worn by the association ” Art Corps et Art Cris ” of Sengouaget arose from a dream crazy about Véronique Piat, plastic and puppeteer, she launches a call for projects in June, 2015 and quickly a team of plastic surgeons, storytellers, musicians, and enthusiastic volunteers forms around a creation for the place: the garden of 2300m2 of the house Créagire to Sengouagnet, in front of Cagire and by the river “Ger”

A labyrinth is going to be born little by little, a highly-rated everything in curvatures and colors, the other one more angular, colder, more disturbing in touch with the mythology.

During a whole year of reflections of creations and big field works, this ambitious bet is won, the space marked out by surprising creations opens to June at September


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