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Flora and fauna

The township of Aspet offers a remarkable landscape with a diversity of fauna, flora and natural habitats. It houses 21 Natural Areas of Ecological Interest (including 17 ZNIEFF type 1 and 2, ZNIEFF 4) and 3 Natura 2000. Many species are on the national list of protected species in France.

In terms of wildlife, we find a large population of deer and izzards, wild boars, foxes, badgers, martens and wild cats. The bear is often transient and the presence of the lynx was identified. Otters, found only in unspoiled environments, live near the river and the Pyrenean desman, small semi aquatic mammal, classified vulnerable in France. Among the birds include the peregrine falcon, golden eagle, the griffon vulture, the red kite, the black kite, buzzards, capercailzie and partridge.

Among amphibians, the Brook Newt, is endemic to the Pyrenees. Trout and eels abound in the rivers and the white-clawed crayfish, highly endangered throughout the national territory. A remarkable wealth of butterflies is also found, with several rare species of hoverflies and exceptional subterranean fauna.


In terms of flora, many orchids are found, including a rare leafless orchid, registered on the national list of protected species. Also the Martagon and the Pyrenean lily, the asphodel, edelweiss, the fritillary and figwort, columbine, blueberry, Cade juniper, yew and many species of fungi.Finally the great richness of permanent grassland, contributes to the positive impact of livestock and biodiversity.