The Tower of Chucaou

  • © Arnaud Coiffé
  • © Arnaud Coiffé


The castle called the “Tower of Chucaou” is located on a small mountainous terrain overlooking the Ger Valley and the town of Aspet. 

It is mentioned in medieval records written in 1216 and in 1296 under the Latin term “Castrum Espelli”. It was probably built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries by the powerful lords of Aspet, in the assertion of their power in the region. This stately stronghold probably loses its military function between the fifteenth and sixteenth century. However it is reported in ruins at the end of the eighteenth century. From this small castle, only the ruins of the main tower and fortified walls remain. Despite its harshness, the tower stands out for the quality of its construction, with especially thick and strong walls, pierced by a door in the lower part and a bay on the floor. The surrounding wall still stands 45m long and 2m high.This set had to be designed to accommodate the men of arms of the Lord. 

Access: from the town of Aspet, by a small footpath.